Welcome to the Northfield Experimental Radio Society!

Greetings! The Northfield Experimental Radio Society (N1ERD) was born out of the passion of amateur radio by me, George J. Silowash (KC3AAD). I recently relocated from the Pittsburgh, PA area and was (and still am to a degree) heavily involved with my local club, the Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service (WC3PS).

N1ERD will strive to work with Northfield, VT area operators and the Norwich University community. I am the founding trustee and Norwich University employee.

I formed this club to continue on with some of the projects of my “home club,” and try to get others involved with amateur radio. This club is open to members from all over the United States. In fact, our founding members are from the Pittsburgh, PA area:

  • Jay Schall (KB3NSJ)
  • “Doc” Sam Sarraf (KE3PO)
  • Paul Byers (N3LQE)

We, the founding members, enjoy experimenting with new technologies. Some technologies that we are currently interested in:

  • Mesh Networking
  • D-STAR

More content is coming to this site soon! Please check back!


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